Happy Holidays, Missoula! Tips for your festivities this season. Need a Missoula DUI Lawyer? We can help.

As we enter the 2017 holiday season in Missoula, we at Schulte Law Firm want to wish you very happy holidays. We also see a lot of DUI/possession cases, unfortunately, stemming from holiday parties gone wrong. We have put together a list of a few holiday party safety tips to keep your holiday festivities safe so you can focus on spending time with your family and friends this season. And always remember, if you need a Missoula DUI Lawyer, call us right away.

  1. Figure out how everyone is getting home – come up with a plan before you are on the road of how you will get home. If you haven’t already, download the Uber app and put your info in before you go out. If you’re hosting, don’t party so hard so that you can’t see if someone needs help getting a ride home. There are plenty of drivers in the Missoula area!
  2. Make sure your car is safe – fix your cracked windshield or busted tail light. If you have something visibly wrong with your car, a police officer has probable cause to pull you over and stop you. The best thing you can do is make sure your car is in good working condition. It will keep you and other drivers on the road safe that way. If you do get pulled over and are coming from a holiday party, you may open yourself up to additional questioning that you might not have had to face if your car was in its safest condition. 
  3. Fire Safety – if you have a bonfire, fireplaces, lights plugged into power strips, candles, or are burning other things with open flames, make sure you have a fire extinguisher handy. You can get one at Target for under $25. Keep it in your kitchen or garage so you have peace of mind that if something catches on fire you can stop it fast.

Missoula cops are out around the holidays patrolling for holiday party guests who have had a little too much fun. If the police officer thinks there is enough evidence to arrest you for DUI, or if you are found with drugs or paraphernalia, you may be arrested and booked. If you just got arrested and need a Missoula DUI Lawyer, call us at 406-721-6655.

While you are in custody it is important to be cooperative but not say anything that may be deemed as an admission. This is the time to call us at Schulte Law Firm to protect your rights. We will counsel you through the criminal process which can be scary and confusing. 

We hope you have a very happy and safe holiday season, Missoula!

Montana Winter Driving Checklist

If the Farmer’s Almanac is right this year, we are in for another cold and snowy winter here in Montana. Schulte Law Firm sees a lot of clients who have unfortunately encountered car crashes driving in our harsh winter conditions and get injured. To help keep you as safe as possible, we’ve made a list of our top things to do before Montana winter hits:

  1. Winterize your car – top off your fluids, put in cold temp antifreeze, make sure your  battery works and that your wipers are good. Consider an engine block heater if you park outside. They’re not just for diesels anymore and can help your car ease into a cold weather start.
  2. Pack an emergency kit – sand or litter, blanket, snacks, water. Costco sells full car emergency kits for about $30.
  3. Check the DOT cameras – if you’re driving anywhere outside of town or over a pass, check the Montana DOT webcams to see what type of conditions you’re likely to encounter. Here are quick links to Lookout, MacDonald, and Homestake Pass.
  4. Improve your visibility – clear off snow and ice off your windows and hood completely. If you don’t have daytime running lights, turn on your headlights. Clear excess snow away from your exhaust pipe if you are stopped.
  5. Practice driving – go to a big parking lot before it gets plowed and sanded and give your car a test drive on ice. This might sound like something you did in driver’s ed, but if you specifically feel how your car handles on ice, you will know what to expect. We’re not talking about spinning donuts, but the point is to learn how to respond when you hit a patch of ice so you can feel prepared and stay safer in the moment.

Montana winter driving requires us to slow down. Negligent driving can contribute to the chances of getting in a crash, even if it’s not you and it was the other driver who is at fault. Even if you’re doing everything right and driving defensively like AAA recommends, you might still wind up the victim in a crash.

If that happens, make sure you assess if there are any injuries.

After you have called the police for help and gotten everyone to safety off the road, your next step is to call us here: 406-721-6655

Even minor wrecks can result in larger injuries than you might initially not feel. Let our team of experienced personal injury lawyers at Schulte Law Firm help you get through the details of your collision.

We can work with your insurance company and help you get back out on the road again safely. We will gladly help with your personal injury problems.