Lawyer Up! Why having an attorney at the beginning of a criminal case is a good idea.

You hear the cop telling you your rights, but the lights are flashing, you’re getting handcuffed, and you are just trying to get your head around what’s gone on.

The most important thing you can do next to protect yourself is not say a word other than to ask to call your lawyer, and do it ASAP!

Here are a few reasons why having an attorney right from the start is a good idea:

  • Your memory will be strongest right after the arrest.
  • You need someone to have your back and look out for your rights and well being.
  • A lawyer can get you the best outcome based on knowing how the courts work.

Your Memory Will Fade!

Believe it or not, no matter how confused you were when you got arrested, your memory of the details that can make a difference in your case will be clearest closest to the arrest. Your lawyer will take notes so that no matter what questions the prosecutors ask, your story will stay straight. It might be months or longer before your case is set for trial in court, so you want to make sure you have talked over the details and your lawyer knows all the facts.

If your story stays unchanged, it makes you look more credible which is good for your case.

Who Has Your Back?

The prosecutors have the police and their witnesses. If there is a potential victim in your case, the victim may have a lawyer. You need someone taking care of your constitutional rights, making sure you don’t make any unnecessary statements, authorize any searches or seizures that are illegal, and making sure the evidence that is best for your case is preserved.

This is overwhelming. You will have enough on your plate dealing with the immediate consequences of an arrest. You will have peace of mind knowing someone is taking care of you and protecting your rights because it’s their job.

Do you really want to deal with more court?

Your lawyer knows the rules of Criminal Procedure. Your lawyer practices in criminal court daily. Your lawyer knows the prosecutors, knows the law, and knows the options available for you. Your lawyer has a huge basis of experience to help you get through court. You won’t have to worry about whether you missed a deadline, whether you should’ve asked for more evidence from the prosecution, or whether you’re being taken advantage of.

Court is stressful and it can be scary when it’s your life on the line.

By hiring a lawyer from the start of your criminal case, you will feel a huge weight off your chest. Instead of feeling in the dark about what might happen, your focus and responsibilities will change to showing up when your lawyer tells you to, working together, and having someone negotiate with the prosecution for you as your teammate and advocate. You will know that whatever happens, you will have taken as many steps to help yourself get through this challenge with an attorney who is looking out for you.

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